Down-The-Hole Hammers

King Kong ​​​​​​​​​​​​range of Down-The-Hole Hammers ie:DTH hammers transmit intensive impact power, with low energy loss and reduced fuel consumption. Truly important features in sustainable operations. If you are looking for good rock breakage, high penetration rates, long service life and optimized productivity, we have the hammer for you.


  • Designed to reducing the operating costs and carbon dioxide emissions for the drill rigs
  • Advanced hammer designs with high power and air efficiency increases productivity
  • Tailored product offering covers all your applications and conditions
  • Easy service and maintenance designs reduces machine downtime
  • Generic and proprietary shank options give you flexibility and reliability

Our Down the hole(DTH) hammers from Low air pressure to High air pressure including many different series:

Low Air Pressure Hammer:

  • Cir50,Cir60,Cir65,Cir70,Cir76,Cir80,Cir90,Cir100,Cir110,Cir130,Cir150,Cir170,Cir190,Cir200,Cir210,Cir230,Cir300 etc.
  • P70,P90,P100,P110,P120,P130,P150,P170,P190,P200,P230,P250,P300 etc.

Middle Air Pressure Hammer:

  • BR1 DTH Hammer
  • BR2 DTH Hammer
  • BR3 DTH Hammer

High Air Pressure Hammer:3”,4”,5”,6”,8”,10”,12”15”,17”,20” etc


  • Cop32, Cop44.,COP54,COP64,COP66,COP84,
  • DHD3.5, IR3.5, DHD35A, HD45, DHD340,DHD340A, HD45A, HD55S,COP54,DHD350R,HD55A,DHD360,HD85,DHD380,HD525,
  • MP35,QL40,QL50, QL60,QL80,
  • SD4,SD5, SD6, SD8,SD10,SD12,
  • MIC4,HM60,NUMA100,NUMA125, HY15, NUMA180, HY18, NUMA240,
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