KNSH110-Russian DTH hammers2

KNSH110-Russian DTH hammers2

KNSH110-Russian DTH hammers

P-110-2,8 SH MH 61.00; P-110-3,2 SH MH 254.00;
P-110-3,2 SHRB MH 67.00
and Drilling bits

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KNSH110-Russian DTH hammers, also known as a Russian-style drilling hammer, is a specialized type of Down-The-Hole (DTH) hammer used for rock drilling. It is designed for deep hole drilling in highly resistant rock formations, such as granite and quartzite.

Key features and applications of the KNSH110 include:

  1. High Pressure and High Frequency: KNSH110-Russian DTH hammers typically have high impact force and frequency, making them suitable for drilling in extremely hard rocks like granite and quartzite.
  2. Compact Design: The hammer is designed with a compact structure, allowing it to deliver high-pressure and high-frequency impacts efficiently, enabling deep hole drilling within a relatively short time frame.
  3. Applications: Due to its high impact force and frequency, KNSH110 finds extensive applications in mining, construction, geological exploration, and other fields where deep drilling in hard rocks is necessary.

It’s important to note that the selection of KNSH110-Russian DTH hammersshould be based on the specific rock type and drilling depth to ensure optimal efficiency and accuracy in drilling tasks.


KNSH110-Russian DTH hammers

P-110-2,8 SH MH 61.00; P-110-3,2 SH MH 254.00;
P-110-3,2 SHRB MH 67.00
and Drilling bits

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P-11О-2,8 SH MH 61.00P-110-3,2 SH MH 254
P-110-3,2 SHRB MH 67.00
Bit coupling typeSplineSpline
Percussive capacity, kW2,83,2
Nominal pressure, MPa0,50,5
Air consumption, m3/min78
Diameter, mm98101
Length, mm671681
Connecting thread72×1072×10
Weight, kg24,325,3
WrenchWrench 85; Wrench 90Wrench 85; Wrench 90; Wrench 94

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P-110-2,8 R MH 267.00,KNSH110 – China Drilling Tools Limited


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