King Kong offer a line of drill pipes which provides you with a great degree of compatibility between rigs and tools.

Cold-drawn seamless tubing material, N80, is used to ensure straightness, thickness and high strength enabling a smoother drilling process and a longer service life. The material also provides a smooth fine surface that eliminates the risk of hammer failures caused by scaling. Furthermore, the tools joints are made out of micro alloy steel and are case-hardened for superior thread life.

King Kong DOWN-THE-HOLE DRILLING PIPES including the Φ76mm,Φ89mm,Φ102mm,Φ114mm,Φ127mm,Φ140mm, Φ152mm etc different diameters.

The thread including the API2-3/8” REG, API3-1/2” REG, API4-1/2”REG,API2-7/8”REG,

We also have the Box-Box Adapters, Pin-Box Adapters, Pin-Pin Adapters etc other parts.

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