Reverse Circulation Drilling Tools

Our Reverse Circulation Drilling tools including the RC hammers and  RC Button Bits.Hammers are specifically designed for all kinds of exploration drilling (deep hole and in-pit grade control applications). Whether you are exploring potential sites or working an existing mine, our RC hammers will guarantee high performance, exceptional reliability and dependable support.

  • RC hammers are essentially the same as conventional DTH hammers, but with an inner-tube that runs through the centre of the entire hammer.
  • The cuttings are collected in the holes in the front of the bit and confined and transported in the inner-tube.
  • The flushing is in-between the splines of the bit and the chuck.
  • The inner-tube is a wearing component and is replaced easily through the top of the hammer.
  • In all KingKong RC hammers the inner-tube assembly can be removed without removing the backhead.
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