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A Fruitful Encounter: Exploring KingKong’s Top hammer drilling tools with Brazilian Clients

A Fruitful Encounter: Exploring KingKong's Top hammer drilling tools with Brazilian Clients In a bustling week at KingKong headquarters, excitement brewed as we awaited the arrival of our esteemed clients from Brazil. Their expressed interest in our flagship top hammer drilling tools had us eager to showcase our innovations and forge potential partnerships. As

Welcome the Zambia clients visit King Kong

Welcome our Zambia clients visited us. we have cooperated with each other over 6years but it is the first time for our face to face meeting. It is freely and easily meeting and talking with them like the friends and brothers. They recognized our quality, Produce ability, management level and so on. We also reach

What is material the rock drill tools used? Of course 23CrNi3Mo

23CrNi3Mo rock drill tools, in the industry known as the"Teeth of industrial development.". With the improvement of People's consciousness of environmental protection, safety and efficiency, all mining enterprises carry out the concept of Green Mine Development and build safety mine and efficiency mine together. Rock drill tools  are widely used in mining, hydropower, tunnel,

Happy new year of 2024

Thanks for your support in 2023 , King Kong Drills congratulations Happy new year to you and hope we can have more happy,deeper and bigger cooperation in the 2024.

Good advice for choosing Right top Hammer Threaded

How to choosing Right top Hammer Threaded Good advice for choosing Right top Hammer Threaded.In this article, we'll guide you through the many factors to consider when selecting the right top hammer threaded dill bit. we'll explore the various types and designs available, and discuss the factors that affect bit performance. Each top

The use of accessories in drilling

The use of accessories in drilling In the drilling process, various tools and accessories serve specific purposes and work in conjunction to ensure efficient, accurate, and safe drilling operations. Here's how these tools and accessories, including Adapter Couplings 98, Male/Female Bit Adapters 98, Spiral Male/Female Bit Adapters 98, Male/Female Adapter Guides, Split Set Drivers,

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