BH140 back hammer

BH140 back hammer

BH140 back hammer

King Kong Drills company produce different size and type coal cutting picks ,rock drilling tools, cutting picks, road milling teeth etc.


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BH140 back hammer

In case of jamming of any drilling tool in drilling process,the back hammer will help you to solve hat.

Sturdy and realiable,the back hammer is composed of three components and a plastic housing which acting both as an exhaust emissions guider and a muffler.


productPressureThreadTotal lengthDiameterKg
BH1408BarAPI 3 1/2”51014031.0
BH1608BarAPI 3 1/2”54016044.0
BH1908BarAPI 4 1/2”58019063.0
BH2408BarAPI 4 1/2”60024085.0


We have professional production, professional certificates to ensure product quality, professional packaging and transportation packaging product safety.Our products are made in China with very good raw materials. we provide 24-hour consultation and after-sales service.If you have any needs or questions about rock drill tools, you can contact us, We have various types of drill bits,rock drill rods and our quality is absolutely reliable.

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More DTH hammer plz contact:Down-The-Hole Hammers – China Drilling Tools Limited


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