23CrNi3Mo rock drill tools, in the industry known as the”Teeth of industrial development.”. With the improvement of People’s consciousness of environmental protection, safety and efficiency, all mining enterprises carry out the concept of Green Mine Development and build safety mine and efficiency mine together.

Rock drill tools  are widely used in mining, hydropower, tunnel, culvert, subway and municipal construction.

Rock drill tools with six categories (nail hammer type, rotary, scraping type, down-hole type, cone type, shield type, etc.) , more than 2000 varieties and specifications.

Rock drill tools with a long drill (drill rod) , short drill (drill bit, drill tail, connecting sleeve) . During drilling and drilling, there are many problems such as longitudinal stress (tension, pressure) , bending stress, torsion stress, and mineral water corrosion

In order to produce high-quality rock drill tools, first of all, need high-quality steel and cemented carbide, followed by advanced production technology and production equipment, but also have high-quality workers in the solder industry. In the use of brazing tools, the construction scheme, the operator’s operating skills to the drilling rig and trolley, the correct use of brazing tools and storage of brazing tools are closely related, good after-sales service is also very important for the drill tool manufacturing enterprises.

The production process of rock drill tools covers: raw materials (steel, hard alloy for rock drilling, solder, etc.) after hot processing, cold processing, heat treatment, anti-corrosion, strengthening and other processes, scientific and strict production process directly determines the quality of the solder. The quality and performance evaluation of brazing tools should generally consider: wear resistance, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance.

The main material of the drill rod is 55SiMnMo (bainitic steel, invented by the former technical team of the Ministry of Metallurgy from 1966 to 1969, whole normalizing, drill tail quenching and tempering) . 55SIMNMO has basically met the needs of light rock drilling machinery, and is the leading steel type of H22. Z708(40SiMnCrNiMoA — Z708 in Sweden).

The braze body material is mainly 40CR or 42CrMo (also with 45 # steel) . The alloy of the braze head is YG8-11, and the braze head is produced for welding (solder is 105,801) . The cylindrical bit is produced by welding, cold inlay or slotted (inlay) process.

Large underground metal mines use Atlas. Copco (car, machine) and Sandvik tools, using T38 or T45 × 1.53 m, 1.83 m rod (including MF Rod) , using D76-89MM ball gear head. The rod material is mostly 23CrNi3Mo, the whole carburizing, (or carbonitriding) , air infiltration, low temperature tempering. The carburized layer is 0.8 ~ 1.2 mm and the carbon concentration is 0.8 ~ 1.2 mm. Ball-tooth bits are mostly made of medium carbon nickel-chromium-molybdenum steel.