YC410-457Eccentric reamer bits

YC410-457Eccentric reamer bits

YC410-457Eccentric reamer bits

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YC410-457Eccentric reamer bits

The YC410-457Eccentric reamer bits belong to overburden drilling which is a system for downhole drilling. Let me tell you more about this drill system.

Concentric pipe drilling system: This is a clever and simple design to drill by covering the casing. It can drill at any Angle, including horizontally, to depths of more than 100 meters. As an efficient drill system, it consists of the following components:
Guide drill: It has a large internal drain and powder trough.
Ring bit: internal bayonet, can be connected with the guide bit.
Pipe shoe: Used to connect the drill to the casing.
How it works:
The guide bit and the ring bit are locked together by a bayonet coupling.
They will drill a foot casing into the aperture.
During operation, the guide bit and ring bit are constantly rotating, but the tube shoe and casing are not rotating at this time.
When the drilling depth is reached, the connection between the guide bit and the ring bit is unlocked by a slight reverse rotation.
The entire drill system, including the guide bit and the connected impactor drill pipe, will be retrieved through the casing, and the ring bit and pipe shoe will remain in the hole for a long time.

Overburden drilling refers to a technique used in geotechnical and construction projects. It is particularly relevant when there are requirements for stable boreholes or sealing against aquifers (such as groundwater). Let’s delve into the details:

  1. Process:
    • In overburden drilling, boreholes are created by driving both an outer casing (also known as the “casing”) and inner drill pipes (the “drill pipes”).
    • The drilling method can be either:
      • Rotating – Rotating: Both the casing and drill pipes rotate.
      • Rotating – Hammering: The casing and drill pipes rotate while hammering.
    • The flushing medium (often compressed air or another fluid) is forced through the drill pipes and exits at the borehole mouth, carrying away loosened drill cuttings.

ODEX (i.e. “Overload Drilling Eccentric”), also known as Stratex, Tubex or ODS, is an improved air circulation DTH hammer. It has an oscillating eccentric bit to enlarge the aperture at the bottom of the casing. The impact bit consists of two fixed tips: a concentric guide bit followed by an oscillating eccentric reaming bit to expand the aperture during drilling. The eccentric bit is followed by a guide fitted with a special inner shoulder overshoe on the bottom of the ODEX casing. As the hole advances, the ODEX is pulled down by the drill pipe. Debris is blown out through the annular gap between the guide and the overshoe at the bottom of the casing and discharged to the ground or sample collector. The ODEX system is the most economical solution for casing drilling in general geological conditions. They are very popular with drilling contractors in water Wells, geothermal Wells, construction, dam and port projects, and shallow micro-grouting works. Thanks to the clever reaming wing, the bit can be recovered and reused. ODEX is ideal for short holes in homogeneous overlays and offers the following significant advantages: simple construction, easy operation, recoverable drilling tools, long life and good quality. The drilling characteristics of the ODEX system are basically the same as those of the DTH hammer drilling method, such as: rapid debris removal; High penetration, especially in resistant formations such as basalt; Easy collection of soil and groundwater samples during drilling; Yield estimates can be measured at selected depths; Advantages in unconsolidated formations prone to cave-in (this is probably the most important feature). Acedrills produces ODEX types from ODEX90 to ODEX280, with drill pipe sizes ranging from 3 inches to 10 inches. They are composed of a guide device, casing bottom shoulder overshoes, eccentric reaming drill, a guide sleeve and a locking piece.

ODEX typecasing sizeMinimum wall thicknessGuide bit diameterReaming bit diameterSuitable hammer drill pipeMaximum outside diameterMinimum inside diameter
90115mm(4.5inch)102mm(4inch)90mm(3.5inch)123mm(4.8inch)DHD3.5、Cop34、Mission 30142mm(5.6inch)115mm(4.5inch)



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