Water Well Drilling Rig

Water Well Drilling Rig

Water Well Drilling Rig

King Kong Drills company produce different size and type rock drilling tools, cutting picks, road milling teeth etc.


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King Kong offers various types of water well drilling rigs:rotary drilling rigs,cable tool drilling rigs,DTH drilling rigs,auger drilling rigs.

The choice of drilling rig depends on factors such as the geological conditions of the area, depth of the well required, and the type of rock or soil being drilled.

Key components of a water well drilling rig include:

  • Mast or Derrick: Provides the vertical support for the drilling equipment.
  • Drill Pipe: Hollow pipes that transmit drilling fluid and rotate the drill bit.
  • Drill Bit: Cutting tool attached to the end of the drill pipe for penetrating the ground.
  • Power Source: Typically an engine that provides power to the rig’s operations.
  • Water Swivel: Allows drilling fluid to be pumped down the drill pipe to the bit while allowing the pipe to rotate freely.

Water Well Drilling Rig

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We have professional production, professional certificates to ensure product quality, professional packaging and transportation packaging product safety.Our products are made in China with very good raw materials. we provide 24-hour consultation and after-sales service.If you have any needs or questions about the  rock drill tools, you can contact us, We have various types of drill bits,rock drill rods and our quality is absolutely reliable.

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