TC35 speedrods

TC35 speedrods

TC35 speedrods

King Kong Drills company produce different size and type coal cutting picks ,rock drilling tools, cutting picks, road milling teeth etc.


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TC35 speedrods

TC35 speedrods

TC35 speedrods

Product No. Product codeRod length Shank
or surface
ShapeSection Flushing
Coupling D Wrench
Strike face
contact type
mm    foot/inch
90003595 269-4712-MF-C,02 1 220 4′ TC35 C Rnd39 39 14,5 46 No Bottom drive
90003647 269-4715-MF-C,02 1 525 5′ TC35 C Rnd39 39 14,5 46 No Bottom drive
90003576 269-4718-MF-C,02 1 830 6′ TC35 C Rnd39 39 14,5 46 No Bottom drive
90003646 269-4724-MF-C,02 2 435 8′ TC35 C Rnd39 39 14,5 46 No Bottom drive
90003577 269-4731-MF-C,02 3 050 10′ TC35 C Rnd39 39 14,5 46 No Bottom drive
90003578 269-4737-MF-C,02 3 660 12′ TC35 C Rnd39 39 14,5 46 No Bottom drive
90003579 269-4743-MF-C,02 4 270 14′ TC35 C Rnd39 39 14,5 46 No Bottom drive


According to different applications ,King Kong Drils offers three major types round shank picks :  rotary drilling picks,road header picks,road milling picks.Mainly used for coal mining and tunnel,tunnels,ground trenching and other excavation works,   and mainly equipped with shearer,boring machine,milling machines and other equipment.  Applied to all kinds of soft and hard soil, rock and concrete layer.

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How can we keep the quality stable?

  1. Raw material selected
  2. Advanced design and production equipment
  3. Skilled technician
  4. Finished Product testing
  5. Customers’ feedback to change design and materialas.

What we do?

We specialized in six industrial fields and professional supply over 146 kind product verified in over 400 specifications.As the Superhard composite material department,our product range including Earth drilling tools,PDC cutter,PDC drill bit,Holder and blade of Chain saw and other superhard composite material tools.

Technology advantage
We were awarded 2 National Gold Prizes and 128 Scientific Promotion Prizes and we have got 76 patents in recent years.


1.what can you buy from us?
Air Compressor,Drilling Rig,Drill Bit,Spare Parts

2.How can I make payment?
A: You can pay directly online on Alibaba with credit card, or TT, Western Union, LC etc.

3.How is the shipment? How long does it take?
A: For large quantity or heavy products, we ship by sea shipping or land shipping. Shipping efficiency depends on country and city you want to ship to. For small and delicate products, we ship by DHL, UPS, Fedex or TNT.You can also appoint shipping method you like before we ship.

4.How is your quality control?
A: We have our own experienced QC.There will be strict inspection and testing for every order before shipping out.

5.Do you have any certificate of authorization?
A: Our machinery is CE certified.

KINGKONGDRILL Co., Ltd has always valued end users’ first hand feedback to helps us in delivering products that suits for their own use.

We appreciate feedback from customers and it is our mission to continually excel ourselves in manufacturing quality products with the relentless efforts we put in.

For the pursuit of long time business cooperation, we don’t make cheap quality and offer cheap prices to lure business.

To KINGKONGDRILL Co., Ltd, quality comes first. For quality guarantee, we conduct strict inspections throughout the production and after the production.

We are capable of customizing for your ground condition: we can select proper tungsten carbide tips for your different hard rock condition.

In the passion we carry, our cutting teeth will help our customers to make more money when using our teeth over bigger companies that don’t know or care about individual customer requirement.


Please contact Bruce if you need any rock drilling tools or Mining picks.





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