T2 86 Surface-Set Diamond Bits

T2 86 Surface-Set Diamond Bits

Surface-Set Diamond Bits

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2024 01 08 105852Surface-set diamond bits, also known as surface-set diamond core bits, are tools used in the drilling industry for mineral exploration, geotechnical investigations, and various other applications. They are a type of core drilling bit specifically designed to cut through hard and abrasive formations.

They are commonly used for drilling through hard and abrasive formations like granite, quartzite, chert, and volcanic rock. Surface-set diamond bits are preferred for their ability to maintain a stable and straight hole, especially in challenging geological conditions.

In summary, surface-set diamond bits are specialized tools used in the drilling industry for hard and abrasive formations, offering high penetration rates, good core recovery, and durability. Their design and use of diamonds make them well-suited for challenging drilling conditions encountered in mineral exploration and geotechnical investigations.


Surface-Set Diamond Bits

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