Reaming shells

Reaming shells

Reaming shells

King Kong Drills company produce different size and type rock drilling tools, cutting picks, road milling teeth etc.


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Reaming shells refer to components used in the drilling industry, particularly in the context of diamond core drilling. Diamond core drilling is a technique used to extract cylindrical rock cores from the earth for geological analysis. It plays a crucial role in this process.


  • There are various types of reaming shells designed for different geological conditions and drilling requirements.
  • Some of them are impregnated with diamonds, while others may have a surface-set configuration, where diamonds are set directly on the surface of the shell.

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Reaming shells

In summary, reaming shells are essential components in diamond core drilling, providing the necessary cutting action to enlarge and stabilize the borehole during the extraction of geological core samples. They come in various configurations to meet the specific needs of different drilling conditions.


We have professional production, professional certificates to ensure product quality, professional packaging and transportation packaging product safety.Our products are made in China with very good raw materials. we provide 24-hour consultation and after-sales service.If you have any needs or questions about the  rock drill tools, you can contact us, We have various types of drill bits,rock drill rods and our quality is absolutely reliable.

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