R32,T38,T45 Bench Drill

R32,T38,T45 Bench Drill

Bench drill rod

  • Threaded Connection:R3212,R32,T38,T45,T51,T60,ST58,ST68
  • Diameter:Hex32,Hex39,Hex46,Hex52
  • Length:600-6400mm
  • Material:High Manganese Steel

King Kong Drills company produce different size and type bench drilling rods  ,rock drilling tools, cutting picks, road milling teeth etc.If you need any rock drilling tools, please contact our company.


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Bench Drilling

Brench drilling rod  is quickly connected to the drill bit,coupling sleeves,guide tube by the R32T38T45and so on.Because of its unique forging process and raw materials have good corrosion resistance and pressure resistance, it can meet the needs of most mining work.Different jobs require different threaded rods which connected to different types of bits,coupling.


  • R32

2023 10 11 113545

  • T38

2023 10 11 120711

  • T45

2023 10 11 135029

  • T51

2023 10 11 135216


The bench drill is used for drilling holes through materials including a range of woods, plastics and metals.


We have professional production, professional certificates to ensure product quality, professional packaging and transportation packaging product safety.Our products are made in China with very good raw materials. we provide 24-hour consultation and after-sales service.If you have any needs or questions about the bench drill  rods or other rock drill tools, you can contact us, We have various types of drill bits,rock drill rods and our quality is absolutely reliable.


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