R32Montabert / SIG shank adapter

R32Montabert / SIG shank adapter



Machine Type: Top hammer drilling tools

Material:Alloy Steel

Brand:R32Montabert / SIG shank adapter

King Kong Drills company produce different size and type shank adapters ,rock drilling tools, cutting picks, road milling teeth etc.If you need any rock drilling tools, please contact our company.


Customized logo(Min. Order: 1 Pieces)
Customized packaging(Min. Order: 1 Pieces)
Graphic customization(Min. Order: 1 Pieces)

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R32Montabert / SIG shank adapter is the most used type of  top hammer drill.Shank adapter is an important part of the drilling tool, due to the harsh working environment and the complexity of the load, the use of the shank adapter put forward higher requirements. Because the factory by the certificate to choose China’s good alloy steel so can meet the harsh requirements of the mining work,it has high strength, wear resistant properties, in mining excavation work, can provide maximum energy transfer from the hammer to the drill.

Shank adapter is an important part of the top hammer drill,Our drill rods,shank sdapters and powerful top hammer bits work together efficiently to create an excellent drill assembly.

R32Montabert / SIG shank adapter

R32Montabert / SIG shank adapter

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