Core drill bits PDC-HQ3

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Core drill bits

Core drill bits are specialized tools used primarily in geological exploration, mining, and construction activities. These bits are designed to penetrate through hard surfaces such as rock, concrete, or other challenging materials to extract cylindrical cores or samples for analysis. They consist of several essential components:

  1. Cutting Structure: The cutting portion of the core drill bit is often composed of industrial-grade diamonds or other ultra-hard materials, carefully engineered to withstand the harsh conditions of drilling and efficiently cut through tough surfaces.
  2. Core Barrel: At the center of the bit is the core barrel, which collects the cylindrical core sample as it’s drilled. This barrel helps maintain the integrity of the extracted core for further analysis and evaluation.
  3. Common series include BQ, NQ, and HQ, representing different diameter sizes. Selection of these bits is usually based on geological conditions, sampling depth, and core quality. Mounted on drilling rigs, these bits rotate and exert pressure to drill through rocks, obtaining core samples for analysis by geologists, engineers, and researchers.

BQ Series: Smaller diameter, suitable for general exploration and core sampling.
NQ Series: Medium diameter, usually used for exploration and sampling at medium depths.
HQ Series: Large diameter, suitable for deep exploration and sampling.


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