HZ-200YY water well drilling rig

HZ-200YY water well drilling rig

HZ-200YY water well drilling rig

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HZ-200YY water well drilling rig

HZ-200YY drilling rig

HZ-200YY water well drilling rig is mainly used for geological general investigation and exploration, road and tall building foundation exploration, holes in concrete structure, river levees, civil water wells and ground temperature central air-conditioner. HZ-200YY water well drilling rig, the highest speed can reach 1045r/min with 5 gears, which improves drilling efficiency.


Unity machine parameter
Drilling depth30–200m
End hole caliber500-75mm
Drill rod caliber50mm
Drilling angle90°~75° 
Drill weight (No include power)910kg
Unity machine dimensions 2.5×1×1.3  2.5×0.9×1.3m
spindle speed64,128,287,557r/min
Spindle stroke 450mm
Max.single line hoisting capacity2500KG
Single line lifting speed17,35,75,151r/min
Tightrope caliber12.5mm
Tightrope cubic measure35m
Hug floodgate caliber254mm
Hug folldgate belt width70mm
Distance between drill and hole400mm
Mud pump – Specifications
TypeHorizontal single urn twin-action
Diesle engineS1115 model 22HP
Electric motorY160M—4 15kw 1440r/min
Maximum pressure1.5Mpa
Work pressure0.7Mpa
Water inlet caliber40mm
Water to exit caliber30mm
Triangle conveyer beltB1728mm
Suit  scope
Water well , exploration


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