Carbide Low Air Pressure Bit CIR Series Mining Rock Drill Low Air Pressure DTH Hammer button Bits

Carbide Low Air Pressure Bit CIR Series Mining Rock Drill Low Air Pressure DTH Hammer button Bits

Cir90 DTH button bits are always used for drill small water holes.

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Carbide Low Air Pressure Bit CIR Series Mining Rock Drill Low Air Pressure DTH Hammer Bits

LOw Air Pressure DTH Down The Hole Drill Button Bit

What is low air pressure DTH hammer?
Low air pressure DTH hammer is widely used in geotechnical engineering in a variety of hard, high hardness and other toughness can be poor tough rovk, the following characteristics:
1. Low air pressure DTH hammer is a valve-type center exhaust hammer, the discharge of rock powder effect is good, reducing the re-broken rock slag, reducing the wear of the drill, improve the drilling efficiency.
2. Using the latest rock design theory to design the hammer of the internal structure of the size of the hammer to obtain the ideal energy transfer, a single hammer power, drilling faster, low air consumption.
3. Selection of the highest quality raw materials and the most advanced processing technology, more stable performance, longer life.
4. Easy disassembly, low failure, easy maintenance.

The application of Low air pressure DTH Hammer:

Mining, quarrying, road construction and other projects drilling blasting hole, landslide protection, dam reinforcement, anchoring and other engineering holes, geothermal air conditioning, hydrology, wells and other fields.


DTH CIR buttton bit
CIR Hammer          Bit Diameter(mm)
CIR50                                   50mm
CIR60                                   60mm
CIR65                                    65mm
CIR70                                    76mm
CIR90                                    90-120mm
CIR110                                  110-150mm
CIR110/130                         130-175mm
CIR150                                 150-200mm
CIR170                                  170-250mm

Product photos:
Products Description
Product name:Low Air Pressure Bit CIR Series
Type:CIR Series bit
Applicable:Coal/Ore Mining, Well Drilling,
Face Design:Flat, Concave, Convex
Color:black, blue, yellow, red, etc
Rock Formation:Hard / Medium hard / Soft Rock Formation
Advantage:Wear Resistant,High Performance
Packing: packing according to customer’s requirement.
button shape:Spherical/Ballistic/parabolic/sharp/falt bottons
We can design and manufature according to your requirment of diameter, number air holes and carbide button shape.
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Company Profile
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Product packaging

1.How can I make payment?

A: You can pay directly online on Alibaba with credit card, or TT, Western Union, LC etc.

2. How is the shipment? How long dose it take?
A: For large quantity or heavy products, we ship by sea shipping or land shipping. Shipping efficiency depends on country and city you want to ship to. For small and delicate products, we ship by DHL, UPS, Fedex or TNT.You can also appoint shipping method you like before we ship. 3.How is your quality control? A: We have our own experienced QC.There will be strict inspection and testing for every order before shipping out.
4.Do you have any certificate of authorization?
A: Our machinery is CE certified


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Additional information

Model Number

76-76, DTH drilling bit


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