DR314-R32-205 shank adapter

DR314-R32-205 shank adapter

DR314-R32-205 shank adapter

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DR314-R32-205 shank adapter

DR314-R32-205 shank adapter is a tool used to connect drill rods to various types of drilling equipment, such as pneumatic or hydraulic drills. It provides a means of transmitting impact energy from the drill to the drill bit while allowing for easy attachment and removal of drill rods and bits.

With specially developed alloys,DR314-R32-205 shank adapter are with optimum hardenability and balance of core and case properties to offer extended wear and fatigue life.

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Length (mm)205
Diameter (mm)45
Product number06F-07-4920
Weight (kg)2,0


Choosing the right DR314-R32-205 shank adapter is crucial for optimizing drilling efficiency and minimizing downtime. Factors such as the type of drilling rig, drilling method, drilling conditions, and the size and type of drilling tool must be considered when selecting a shank adapter for a particular application.


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DR314-R32-205 shank adapter

DR314-R32-205 shank adapter

DR314-R32-205 shank adapter

DR314-R32-205 shank adapter


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