C16-K11 Impregnated diamond bits

C16-K11 Impregnated diamond bits

Impregnated diamond bits

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Impregnated diamond bits are known as rotary drag bits,used in the exploration of rocks and geological formations. These bits are crafted by embedding diamond particles into the steel body of the drill bit. The diamonds are either embedded or coated onto the surface of the steel body, creating a robust matrix structure.

This design allows the diamond particles to be directly exposed to the rock or geological formation, enabling more efficient drilling underground. Diamonds possess exceptional hardness and wear resistance, ensuring durability while drilling through extremely hard geological materials.

Impregnated diamond bits are suitable for various rock types and geological conditions, including hard rocks, concrete, gravel, and other challenging formations. They find extensive application in sectors such as oil and gas exploration, geological surveying, mineral exploration, and infrastructure development. The specific configuration of these bits can be tailored to accommodate different geological conditions, enhancing drilling performance and efficiency.

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Impregnated diamond bits matrix

  • K Series Standard Matrix
ClassificationStandard Matrix Number
A,B Size Core bitC9-K7C9-K9
B Size Core BiTC12-K7C12-K9
N.H,P Size Core BitC9-K3C9-K5C12-K7C12-K7
S,U size Core BitK7
Sing&Double Tube Core BitC6-K3C6-K5C6-K7C6-K9
Sing&Double Tube  BitC9-K3C9-K5C9-K7C9-K9
Casing bit,Rod &Casing shoeK5
Standard ProfilePoint Profile
Standard Waterway NumbersA size 4,B size 6,N size 8,H size 10,P size 12
Standard Waterway Width4.5, 5.5, 7
  • R Series Standard Matrix
ClassificationStandard Matrix Number
Standard ProfilePoint profile
Standard Waterway NumbersBC size 6,NC size 8,HC size 10
Standard Waterway Width5.5
  • S Series Standard Matrix
ClassificationStandard Matrix Number
Standard ProfilePoint profile + Turbo waterway
Standard Waterway NumbersBC size 6,NC size 8,HC size 10,Fan shaped waterway


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