89mm T45 thread button bits made in China

89mm T45 thread button bits made in China

Original price was: $120.00.Current price is: $110.00.

Our T45 thread button bits including: T45 70mm thread button bits, T45 76mm thread button bits, T45 89mm thread button bit, T45 102mm thread button bits, T45 115mm thread button bits, T45 70  retrac button bits, T45 76mm retrac button bits, T45 89mm retrac button bits, T45 102mm retrac button bits, T45 115mm retrac button bits, T45 127mm dome reaming bits, T45 152mm dome mushroom reaming bits etc.

We also prodvide the customized services according to your requests or rock situations.

Please contact: bruce@kingkongdrillsltd.com if you have the demands.


89mm T45 thread button bits

T45 thread rock drilling tools are used on Bench drilling which rock drill rigs like SANDVIK And Epiroc rock drill rig,

T45 rock drilling tools including the T45 shank adapters,

T45 coupling sleeves, T45 Extension Rod,

T45 Speedrod and T45 MF Rod,

We also provide the T45 Guide tube,  T45 Speedrod,

and T45 button bit, T45 Retrac button bit, T45 Reaming bits. 

MG 0818

T45 thread button bits
T45 Bench rods annd guide tube

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    T45 thread button bits


    Ovako Steel


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