70mm DTH BR2 shank COP 20 hammer

70mm DTH BR2 shank COP 20 hammer

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( DTH hammer: 70mm DTH BR2 shank COP 20 hammer)




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(DTH Drilling Tools / DTH Bit Shanks/ DTH Hammer)

Product Overview

70mm DTH BR2 shank COP 20 hammer

70mm DTH BR2 shank COP 20 hammer

DTH Drilling Tools: BR2 shank (COP 20 hammer)

Product Technical Parameters

DTH Drilling Tools: BR2 shank (COP 20 hammer)

DTH Hammer AssemblyWeightPart NO.
Top Sub4.399.68KKD30R-01
Bearing Ring0.040.09KKD30R-03
Check Valve0.20.44KKD30R-04
Air Distribution1.73.75KKD30R-06
Inner Cylinder1.733.81KKD30R-07
Wear Sleeve9.621.16KKD30R-09
Bit Retainer0.120.26KKD30R-10

According to the user’s rock formation conditions, the inspection ability of the impactor and the wear resistance of the outer cylinder and joint can be strengthened

DTH hammer: 70mm DTH BR2 shank COP 20 hammer201710181711326217220

70mm DTH BR2 shank COP 20 hammer

DTH Drilling Tools: BR2 shank (COP 20 hammer)

1.KING KONG DTH Drilling Tools:

Our hammer and bits are made of high quality alloy steel with advanced heat treatment to assure the good drilling performance and long service life. They are widely used by our customers all over the world.
All the products are manufactured as per the international standard and well compatible with the brand of Atlas Copco, Ingersoll-Rand, Sandvik etc

Main Features:

1) DTH hammers series we supply

A) High pressure series

B) Medium pressure series

C) Low pressure series

D) High efficiency high pressure series

E) Reverse circulation series

2)Outside diameters: 61.2~275mm

3)Drilling diameter: 68~508mm

Application:  They are widely used for mine, quarry, road construction for the drilling and blasting work, water well drilling, slope protection, anchoring, etc.

DTH Bit Shank and DTH Hammer Drill Bits Technical parameters

        KING KONG has a comprehensive range of DTH drill bits to match all conceivable applications. Each bit is made from quality alloy steel, and has been precision machined to produce a perfect body, heat treated to the required hardness, given surface compression for fatigue resistance, and fitted with precision buttons manufactured in-house.

DiameterProduct no.Product codeNo. × button diameter, mmGauge buttons angle°Flushing holesWeight approx
Flat front
702 3∕493501726 100-5070-44-121E,33-226×10, Spherical_5×10, Spherical35_22.24.9
722 7∕893501002 100-5072-44-121E,33-226×10, Spherical_4×10, Spherical35_22.24.9
76393501005100-5076-44-1B1F,33-226×12, Spherical_4×10, Spherical35_22.35.1
76393501006 100-5076-44-1B2F,33-226×12, Semi-Ballistic_4×10, Semi-Ballistic35_22.35.1
76393501446 100-5076-44-1B4F,33-226×12, Ballistic_4×10, Semi-Ballistic35_22.35.1
803 3∕1693501008 100-5080-44-1B1F,33-226×12, Spherical_5×10, Spherical35_22.55.5
893 1∕293501725100-5089-44-121F,33-226×12, Spherical_6×10, Spherical35_22.76.0
702 3∕493501000100-5070-44-221E,33-226×10, Spherical_ 5×10, Spherical35_22.24.9
702 3∕493501001100-5070-44-224E,33-226×10, Spherical_5×10, Semi-Ballistic35_22.24.9
76393501004100-5076-44-224F,33-226×12, Spherical_5×10, Semi-Ballistic35_22.35.1
963 3∕493501012100-5096-44-223A,33-22 7×12, Ballistic_ 6×12, Ballistic35_22.76.0


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