45mm Powerbits underground

45mm Powerbits underground

45mm Powerbits underground

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Powerbits underground

The powerbit is more than a new drill bit,which is faster and full utilization of your rig.Maybe it’s look like a normal drill bit,but everything about it is new.Including steel its made of,the shape and design of buttons,its hole configuration.One of these factors as imporant for your drilling efficiency.Add all these benifits together,and you have the perfect recipe for successful drilling.


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The drillbit can be delivered with both spherical buttons and Trubbnos.Trubbnos is our new and innovative trapezoid-shaped buttons, which offer longer service life and improved penetration rate than semi-ballistic buttons. (Trubbnos, by the way, is Swedish for flat nose, an indication of the geometry of the new buttons.

Unbeatable drill string

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Selection Guide

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2024 01 05 110005 1MEDIUM HARD ROCK
Trubbnos buttons (gauge) and
spherical buttons (centre)

Ideal for abrasive, medium hard to
hard rock. Larger Trubbnos buttons
and flushing grooves give the ideal
balance between service life and
penetration rate. Available with a short
retrac for straight holes in broken rock.

2024 01 05 110350HARD ROCK
Spherical buttonsFor tough conditions in hard and
abrasive rock. Optimised face and
body design and with large spherical
buttons for long service life. Available
with a short retrac for straight holes in
broken rock


45 mm (1¼”) bits

ThreadDiameterProduct No.No. of buttonsButtons × button diameter (mm)Gauge buttons angleFlushing holeWeight approx. kg
Powerbit underground – Trubbnos buttons (gauge) and spherical buttons (centre)
Powerbit underground – Spherical buttons


We have professional production, professional certificates to ensure product quality, professional packaging and transportation packaging product safety.Our products are made in China with very good raw materials. we provide 24-hour consultation and after-sales service.If you have any needs or questions about the  rock drill tools, you can contact us, We have various types of drill bits,rock drill rods and our quality is absolutely reliable.

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